Karka Sankranti 2017 Date Date


Karka Sankranti 2017 Date in 2017 »   16 July

Category: Festival
Celebrated In: India
Celebrated By: (Hindu)

On this day the sun enters Karka Rashi (Cancer). It is otherwise called Dakshinayanam which denote the end of the *uttarayan Punya kaal (daytime for divine beings) and the begining of Dakshinayana punya kaal (nightime for divine beings.) In Hinduism it is accepted that the divine beings go to rest throughout the time of Dakshinayanam. Throughout Karka Sankranti performing pitru tarpan or the customs which pay admiration to our pitrus or predecessors is recognized exceedingly worthy. Adoring Lord Vishnu, droning the Vishnu Sahasranam and revering Varaha (the third incarnation of Vishnu) is an unquestionable requirement on Karka Sankrant


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