Apara Ekadashi 2017 Date Date


Apara Ekadashi 2017 Date in 2017 »   22 May

Category: Festival
Celebrated In: India
Celebrated By: (Hindu)

The heavenly themes of Apara Ekadasi are depicted in the Brahmanda purana in a discussion between Lord Krsna and Maharaja Yudhisthira. When Maharaja Yudhisthira asked of Lord Krsna.

 "O Lord, O Janardana, what is the name of the Ekadasi that happens throughout the disappearing moon in the month of Jyestha & what are its glories? It would be ideal if you descrive unto me in justifiable dialect the methodology for watching this Ekadasi. Sri Krsna answered, "O Maharaja Yudhisthira, you have made and clever inquiry that is really helpful for everybody. The name of this Ekadasi is Apara. O King! This Ekadasi recompenses a gigantic measure of devotion to the individuals who watch it and obliterates all their evil responses.

By watching this Apara Ekadasi numerous grave evil exercises are devastated, for example, murdering a Brahmana, bovine butcher, slaughtering a fetus, censuring others, illegal sexual coexistence, talking untruths, giving false witness, boasting to others, presenting or showing the Vedas for the purpose of cash, and composing one's own particular scripture. A con artist, a pseudo soothsayer, and a bamboozling doctor are additionally as corrupt as the individuals who give false witness. All these corrupt exercises are completely killed by watching this Apara Ekadasi. Any ksatriya who surrenders his calling and flees from the front line surely tumbles down from his word related obligations and goes to heck. In the event that such an individual watches this Ekadasi with confidence he likewise achieves the eminent planet.

Master Krsna proceeded, "O King! A devotee who in the wake of getting learning from his profound expert takes part in lewdness or fails to hear his otherworldly expert's directions, surely aggregates extraordinarily mammothian amounts of sins. Such a denounced corrupt individual might be eased from his wicked responses by taking after this Apara Ekadasi and can achieve the incomparable end of the line. O King of Kings! The outcome one acquires by cleaning up three times at Pushkar in the month of Kartika, the devotion one collects by washing up at Prayaga in the month of Janurary when the sun goes into the house of Capricorn, the outcomes one gets by watching the pledge of Sivaratri at Kasi and by offering oblations at the lotus feet of Visnu at Gaya, and the propitious effects one acquires by scrubbing down in the waterway Gautami when the planet Jupiter enters Leo, by going to Kedarnatha throughout Kumbha-Mela, by going to and revering Badrinatha, by cleaning up at Kurukshetra throughout a sunlight based obscuration, and by giving elephants, steeds, bovines, gold and land in philanthropy are all gotten effectively by watching the promise of Apara Ekadasi. It is similar to the sharp hatchet for chopping down the tree of corrupt exercises and like the lion to a deer in the timberland of evil exercises. O King! By watching this Apara Ekadasi and revering Lord Visnu in His structure as Trivikram, an individual achieves the all-favorable homestead Lord Visnu. Any individual who hears or peruses the glories of this Ekadasi, that I have portrayed to you for the profit of everybody, is alleviated of all his evil responses.


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